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Familie Langenhahn/Renner

Family Langenhan/Renner

"Dear guests, dear friends!"

Whether you are holidaymakers, business travellers or conference attendees, you can enjoy the distance from everyday life. You have earned your free time, it belongs to you and to the loving people who accompany you.

Relax and let yourself be caught by the tranquillity that goes from the idyllic location and surroundings of our hotel. The only ones who make noise here are the birds in front of and behind our hotel. They are supported by the Lubenbach, who murmurs or murmurs forcefully depending on the season.

Take a seat in our cozy restaurant and let yourself be pampered with Thuringian plain fare and originalities from Zella-Mehlis.

Do not worry about weight and figure, you go enough walk, hiking or Nordic walking and the fresh forest air consumes lots of energy. In addition to that, our cooks know how to combine the treats of the Thuringian cuisine with modern, healthy cookery.

If the weather does not play in the same way, or if you want to do “nothing”, you can visit our sauna. The sauna room with window and the view into the green – just let your soul dangle. If you do not like the high heat, you can warm up in the infrared sauna. Out of the sauna room let’s go to the shower and then off into the open. Our sauna with spring water diving basin, Kneipp pool, whirlpool and comfortable sun loungers complete the sauna session.

You can relax in the massages with various wellness massages. Enveloped in the delicate scent of natural essential essences and with soft music, you can feel as if you were hovering.

We “Waldmüller” will do our best to make your stay with us is as relaxing as possible. We are grateful for any well-meaning advice on how to make it even more comfortable for you.

Your best praise for us is when you say goodbye “We will be back” and we can welcome you again soon in Zella-Mehlis in the hotel “Waldmühle”…

... Where guests become friends!


Familie Langenhan/Renner
und ihr Team der Waldmühle Zella-Mehlis

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